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Located in Yonkers, Westchester County, New York, Beth Aaron Chapel offers Low Cost Jewish Funerals - and Cremation Services. Burials are available in all area Cemeteries.  For those who wish cremation, low cost options including direct cremation and cremation with a memorial service can be selected.

The charges listed below are what a typical Funeral Consumer can expect to incur when arranging a Funeral Service thru Beth Aaron Chapel.  You will be provided an Itemization, or Statement of Goods and Services Selected, in writing, at the time funeral arrangements are finalized.  You will only be charged for the services you select. You may download a copy of our most recent General Price List (GPL), Casket Price List, and Graveside Service Itemization here.

1. Our Basic Service Charges for a Graveside Jewish Burial

Removal:         $595.00

Removal, or transfer of the body from the place of death such as a Hospital, Nursing Home or Long Term Care Facility, Medical Examiner Office or Airport within the 5 Boroughs of New York City (The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island), or Westchester County.
Note:  There may be an extra charge for a response to areas beyond the ones previously listed.

Dressing:         $275.00

Dressing the Deceased in either clothing provided by you, or a Burial Shroud ($200.00 additional), and placing of the body into the coffin for burial.

Refrigeration:  $295.00

Sheltering of the Remains in a temperature-controlled enviornment at our facility prior to the commencement of the graveside service.

Arrangements:  $850.00

Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff: For Facility Fixed-Expenses, 24-Hour availability, the arrangement conference or over-the-telephone consultations,  and coordinating all service times with family, rabbi, cemetery or other organizations, and obtaining of all authorizations and permits necessary to facilitate the burial.

Supervision:     $375.00

For the presence of a New York State-Licensed Funeral Director at the Graveside Service.  Required by Law.

Vehicle:           $650.00

For a Hearse, or Funeral Vehicle to transport the Casket and Deceased from our Funeral Home to a Cemetery in New York City, Nassau or Westchester County, and Bergen County in New Jersey.

Total Service Charge of items 1-6 above: $3040.00

2. Please make a Casket Selection Below:

Jewish Funeral Home Westchester NY - Pine Wood Orthodox Wedge Sshape Casket: $795.00
Jewish Funeral Home Westchester New York - LS 11 Unstained Poplar Wood Casket $1795.00
Jewish Funeral Home Westchester New York -LH-14 Wheat Poplar Wood Casket $1995.00
Jewish Funeral Home Westchester New York - O39 Beaded Poplar Wood Casket $2995.00

1:  $995.00


Pine Wedge

Supplier: Matthews Casket

Pine Wood, No Interior

No animal fat-based adhesives

used in manufacturing

Total Funeral Charges


2: $1995.00


LS 11 Unstained

Supplier: Matthews Casket

Poplar Wood Construction

Natural Wood Finish

Fabray Interior

Total Funeral Charges



3: $2195.00


LH 14 Wheat

Supplier: Matthews Casket

Poplar Wood Construction

Satin Wheat Finish

Satin Interior

Total Funeral Charges


 4: $3195.00


O39 Beaded

Supplier: Matthews Casket

Poplar Wood Construction

Polished Colonial Finish

Crepe Interior

Total Funeral Charges



3. Additional Expenses

These charges are referred to as "Third Party Cash Advance Items",  and are required to complete the service.  Beth Aaron Chapel will provide you with the amounts set forth by these entities at the time arrangements are finalized.

We do not profit in anyway from them.  Examples are listed below:

Cemetery Fees

For the opening and closing of the burial plot.  These fees are not set forth by Beth Aaron Chapel and payment of them is your responsbility. We suggest contacting the Cemetery you wish to bury in for the current fee for a plot opening. However, all arrangements to open the space will be made by the staff of Beth Aaron Chapel.


Should you require Spiritual Guidance, Beth Aaron Chapel can arrange for a Rabbi to officiate the graveside service.  Services include Prayers such as the Kaddish or 23rd Psalm, a tasteful euology, and other religious customs typically found in a Jewish Burial.

Death Certificates

Certifed copies of the Certificate of Death are official, legal documents issued by the Health Department or Vital Statistics Office where the death occurs.  They are used to prove the death legally where estate matters are of concern.   We suggest consulting Legal Counsel or a Financial Planner for the exact number you think you may need.

Additional Items You May Wish To Consider

Limousine - $650.00

A Seven Passanger, Late Model Vehicle for transit from your residence to the Cemetery for the Ceremony, and the safe return to your home immediately thereafter.  Additional charges apply if the vehicle travels beyond our service area.

Tahara - $200.00

The Ritual Preparation of the body by the Chevrah Kadisha prior to the burial.  Requires the purchase of a hand-sewn-linen burial shroud, an additional $200.00.  Tahara fees will be itemized as a Third Party Cash Advance Item

Shomer - $350/day

The "Shomer" or watcher is a Pious Individual whose task is to guard the deceased until the burial.  The Shomer fees will also be billed as a Third Party Cash Advance Item.

Need To Make Arrangements?

1. Review Our Prices

If you have made it this far, you already know Beth Aaron Chapel is priced fairly and believes in full disclosure to the consumer. We will do nothing without your consent, and you will be kept "in the loop" through the entire process.

2. Download

Click here to download a copy of our "Information We Will Need" form.  This simple questionaire is needed by our office to complete the Certificate of Death, and arrrange for the burial space to be opened.

3. Call Us

Beth Aaron Chapel is available 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days a Year.  Our courteous, professional staff is available to speak with you now.  For assistance, you may call us at (800) 834-7139 or (914) 966-0050.

Considering Cremation?  Yes, We can help!

For the progressive Funeral Customer, Beth Aaron Chapel offers sensibly-priced Cremation Services.  Beth Aaron Chapel can assist you when cremation is desired and a loss occurs in New York City (Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island), Long Island Nassau and Suffolk County, and Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties of The Hudson Valley.  Please click here to view our cremation pricing page.

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