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Beth Aaron Chapel provides simple, inexpensive cremation to New York City (Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island), Westchester, Rockland and Putnam County, or Long Island. While we are aware of firms offering "Cheap Cremation Services" with a price much lower than ours, We are confident that our fees are the lowest around while still offering you the best service. We will assist you in planning cremation quickly, without unnecessary expense or emotional burden.  Our friendly,  knowledgeable licensed staff are available to speak with you now.  Please review our material below, then call (800) 834-7139 or (914) 966-0050 when you are ready to proceed. 

Direct Cremation Service Charge: $1195.00

What's Included?

  • Removal of the body from a Hospital, or Medical Examiner Facility, or Nursing Home in New York (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island), and Westchester County.  There will be additional fees for responses to Rockland or Putnam County, and Long Island Nassau and Suffolk County.  

  • Basic services of Funeral Director and Staff: 24 Hour Availability, gathering all information from party responsible necessary to complete our services, obtaining a certificate of death from a primary care provider, and submitting completed certificate to the Health Department or Municipal clerk.  Also providing all necessary authorizations and pricing itemization to party responsible for the deceased's affairs.

  • Sheltering and refrigeration of the body until all forms have been completed and a permit to cremate has been issued.

  • Cardboard Alternative Container.  A cardboard container suitable to hold the deceased for transit from the Funeral Home to the Crematory.  It is placed into the cremation retort.  It does not contain an interior or handles and is the least expensive option we offer.

  • Transit of the body in the Alternative Container from our Funeral Home to the Crematory Facility.  New York State Law forbids most Funeral Homes from operating a crematory on their facility, so we must transfer the body from our location to the crematory, usually located on the grounds of a Cemetery.  The crematory IS NOT a Funeral Home, and cannot act as a Licensed Funeral Director required to perform the tasks listed above.  Some states, especially in the south and west coast allow Funeral Homes or Mortuaries to operate crematories on their premises, and Crematories to perform the tasks such as the removal of the body and direct contact with the consumer. However, in New York, those practices are deliberately separated by law.

What IS NOT included

  • Crematory Fee and Mailing of Cremains: $512.00.  Because of their reputation, we engage The Woodlawn Cemetery of The Bronx for this sensitive process.  Woodlawn has earned our trust from the feedback by our clients about the way things were handled.

  • Copies of the Death Certificate: $15.00 (NYC), $10.00 (NY State).  You do not need to order any death certificate copies, but we suggest at least one (1).  You will need a copy of a Death Certificate for any transactions on behalf of the deceased such as Life Insurance Claims, Estate matters, pensions, or bank accounts.

  • Cremation Permit: $40.00 (NYC), $20.00 (NY State).  The Funeral Home is issued a permit to cremate by the NYC DOHMH or Municipal Registrar of Vital Statistics in the town or village where the death took place.  This permit accompanies the body to the Crematory, and there is a fee for its issuance.

  • NYC EDRS & UPS Fee: $23.75.  We refer to this as "Shipping & Handling" of the New York City Certificate of Death.  EDRS is the electronic system upon which Physicians, Hospitals and Hospice providers, and Funeral Directors complete and submit Certificates of Death to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  Death Certificates issued by the City of New York are forwarded directly from their office to you and UPS is the carrier used by that office.

The "Average" Direct Cremation arranged with BAC: $1795.75 

The above fee of $1795.75 includes our $1195.00 Direct Cremation Service Charge, Crematory Fee at The Woodlawn Cemetery ($512.00), One Certified Copy of the Certificate of Death issued by the City of New York ($15.00), Cremation Permit ($40.00), EDRS Fee ($6.75), UPS Delivery of Death Certificate ($17.00), and a $10.00 Gratuity.

Are You Ready To Make Arrangements?

1. Review Our Prices

If you have made it this far, you already know Beth Aaron Chapel is priced fairly and believes in full disclosure to the consumer. We will do nothing without your consent, and you will be kept "in the loop" through the entire process.

2. Download

Click here to download a copy of our "Information We Will Need" form.  This simple questionaire is needed by our office to complete the Certificate of Death, and to complete the cremation service.

3. Call Us

Beth Aaron Chapel is available 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days a Year.  Our courteous, professional staff is available to speak with you now.  For assistance, you may call us at (800) 834-7139 or (914) 966-0050.

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